Louise’s User Experience – Flight Booking

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On the Thursday’s Technology & UX class we were asked to OBSERVE how different person is booking a flight or restaurant using PC or mobile.

Louise’s User Experience – Flight Booking with Singapore Airlines

Name: Louise Cavanagh

Date: 13/10/16

Scenario: A flight booking on a smartphone


Louise was looking to book a return flight for 3 adults from Dublin to Melbourne, departing 2/03/17 and returning 25/03/17 with Singapore Airlines.

5 tasks performed:

  1. Google searching “Singapore Airlines”
  2. Selecting Singapore Airlines – http://www.singaporeair.com which linked trough to actual website
  3. Selecting “Search Flights”
  4. Selecting desired city, date, class type and number of the passengers and tapping “Search”
  5. Searching and selecting convenient price and date

5 problems occurred:

  1. The required dates were not available at the first search attempt, Louise had to try different dates
  2. After performing the 5th task an error had occurred: “We are unable to process your request. Please contact your…

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Technology and User Experience Assignment.

After many hours of reading mind-blowing articles on emerging technology and the impact that it holds on the future! I have finally decided that I am going to conduct my research on Big Data and how Big Data will change corporate companies.

I choose Big Data for the simple reason that the changes that I have already seen from it in my career are mind-blowing.

I currently work for a large corporate company that deals with huge amounts of data that are spread over many different systems. At present there is a large project under way to get all the data centralised as to reap the benefits of this through analytics and marketing.

Watch Out Lefties!

For left handers day light saving time change is a struggle for more reason than one!

I am right handed and also wear my watch on my right arm. Not a huge issue until it comes to changing the time and unfortunately then you discover that watches really only cater for people who wear them on their left arm. Out of interest I shopped around just to see if there was a watch that caters for people like myself who wear it on their right arm and was told ” no just wear it on your left like everyone else”. Little do they know that feels as unnatural as driving on the opposite side of the road. However, what I did discover that clever old Apple took this into account when designing the Apple Watch and made it reversible

Shop Shop Shop!

What girl does not love to shop? But how annoying is it when you buy something, change your mind and then cannot find the receipt? That is why I love shops like Topshop! Would you like us to email you your receipt… HELL YEAH I would love if you would do that. One I don’t have the fear of losing it and two I dont have to carry this piece of paper what only feels like rubbish at the bottom of my handbag. This is a good user experience.

Then you have Zara! Who insist on given you two receipts if you pay by card in this day and age who does not pay by card? Two receipts which they “reliable” staple together which then end up at the bottom of your handbag. This is where the problem starts! You need to return the dress you bought as it was expensive and you don’t know if you really love it. Yuppie you find the receipt but there is only one part to it no problem it has the dress on it, date, price perfect. However Zara require the two receipts to return the dress. The second receipt is proof that you paid for it. WHAT! When did a second receipt ever come into play. I could not find the receipt and they would not give me a refund unless I did. My other options was to go into my online banking, screen shot the payment from my account but another but  I also needed to show my name on the bank page to prove that this was my account. AHHHHHHHHHH at this stage so much frustration that i ended up taken a gift card for shop that I now strongly disliked after having to return to the store three times and still leave unsatisfied.

Parents and Technology

There is a question – when your parents cannot use technoglogy are they wrong or are they right? This struck a cord with me! Last year for christmas I bought my dad a smart phone. Since then there has not been a time that I have met him that he has not asked me one single question about the phone and how to use it. My Dad is so scared of it that he literally still carries his old reliable Nokia with him at all times. The main problem with the phone is that my Dad has arthritis in his hands so although the screen is large it is hard for him to press the exact point that he needs too and therefore finds a simple task like making a phone call difficult.

What is the solution to this?

The Good User Experience

How long until I eat!

Domino’s let you know how well your food is cooking.

On a Sunday afternoon when you had one too many beers the night before and the only productive thing you can do is order a take away! Dominos have mastered the user experience by letting you track how fast your order is moving, it goes to the extreme of telling you that your toppings have been added and when its in the oven.  Now thats what I call user experience.

First blog post

To Understand the User

My first challenge was to design a remote control for a television- that had four key components! What I learnt from this is what I thought was key componets for a remote may not be for others. I was designing a remote control to suit my needs. I was not thinking about other users I was only thinking about me.

My Second challenge was to choose two categories to design a remote for. I choose to design a remote for the  elderly and blind. I could not think of how they visually looked but I knew the features that were required. The key to design is put yourself in the shoes of the person that is going to be using it. Think of their needs