Shop Shop Shop!

What girl does not love to shop? But how annoying is it when you buy something, change your mind and then cannot find the receipt? That is why I love shops like Topshop! Would you like us to email you your receipt… HELL YEAH I would love if you would do that. One I don’t have the fear of losing it and two I dont have to carry this piece of paper what only feels like rubbish at the bottom of my handbag. This is a good user experience.

Then you have Zara! Who insist on given you two receipts if you pay by card in this day and age who does not pay by card? Two receipts which they “reliable” staple together which then end up at the bottom of your handbag. This is where the problem starts! You need to return the dress you bought as it was expensive and you don’t know if you really love it. Yuppie you find the receipt but there is only one part to it no problem it has the dress on it, date, price perfect. However Zara require the two receipts to return the dress. The second receipt is proof that you paid for it. WHAT! When did a second receipt ever come into play. I could not find the receipt and they would not give me a refund unless I did. My other options was to go into my online banking, screen shot the payment from my account but another but  I also needed to show my name on the bank page to prove that this was my account. AHHHHHHHHHH at this stage so much frustration that i ended up taken a gift card for shop that I now strongly disliked after having to return to the store three times and still leave unsatisfied.


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