The Good User Experience

How long until I eat!

Domino’s let you know how well your food is cooking.

On a Sunday afternoon when you had one too many beers the night before and the only productive thing you can do is order a take away! Dominos have mastered the user experience by letting you track how fast your order is moving, it goes to the extreme of telling you that your toppings have been added and when its in the oven.  Now thats what I call user experience.


Good and Bad every day User Experiences

The lack of bicycle lanes in Dublin!

Bad User Experience.

The lack of bicycle lanes in Dublin impacts three different users!

  1. Cyclists :They have no where to go.
  2. Drivers: Not only do they have to watch out for other vehicles they also have to be mindful of humans.
  3. Pedestrians: Are not safe on foot paths as they have to avoid cyclists.



First blog post

To Understand the User

My first challenge was to design a remote control for a television- that had four key components! What I learnt from this is what I thought was key componets for a remote may not be for others. I was designing a remote control to suit my needs. I was not thinking about other users I was only thinking about me.

My Second challenge was to choose two categories to design a remote for. I choose to design a remote for the  elderly and blind. I could not think of how they visually looked but I knew the features that were required. The key to design is put yourself in the shoes of the person that is going to be using it. Think of their needs